Speciality coffee hand-roasted in South Staffordshire. Arabica coffee from Fazenda Zaroca. On the farm 60% is collected by hand due to the topography of the land. Once the coffee has been picked and then separated by density and size the coffees are then allowed to dry on the patio for 1 day as an initial skin drying. The coffee is then transferred to the drying box for 10 days. The first day is cold air and then followed by 2-10 days hot air (32°C). The coffee is dried to 11.5% moisture in cherry and then left to rest for 20 days before being milled and prepared for export. Fazenda Zaroca has quickly seen results and placed in the Cup Of Excellence in 2018 with their exceptional coffees.


  • Ethically sourced, premium quality, hand-roasted in Bridgtown, UK by Crown & Canvas.
  • Type: Arabica
  • SCA Cup Score: 84.
  • Varieties: Topazio.
  • Region: Paraiso, Sul De Minas.
  • Roast Level: Medium.
  • Great for: Espresso.
  • Cupping profile: Cherry and Vanilla with a sweet Toffee and Milk Chocolate body.
  • Ground coffee: 250g bag.

Coffee: Brazil

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