This minimalist photo holder is perfect for any room in the house. Created from rare Spalted Tamarind, this exotic wood is truly unique. The Spalting process occurs naturally when trees fall and are left uncut for some time. This process leaves dark lines, shapes and interesting colours running throughout the wood.


  • Designed and handcrafted in Cannock, UK by The Ravenshill Workshop.
  • Created from Spalted Tamarind.
  • Dimensions are 10 x 4.7cm x 3cm.
  • Lasering for personalisation can also be requested.
  • Finished in high quality finishing oil.
  • Available in other designs, take a look at our other photo holders!


Spalted Tamarind Wooden Photo Holder

  • As this product is 100% natural wood, we would advise that it is kept in a dry, low humidity environment and out of direct sunlight to retain its natural colour. Exposing this product to water and high humidity environments such as bathrooms may result in the product warping out of shape.

    Whilst this product has been finished in a premium finishing oil, it is advised that you regularly maintain this product annually to retain it's natural lustre. For advice on finishing products, please get in touch.

    This wooden product is not fire retardant and should be kept away from naked flames.