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Art tuition


'Creativity takes courage'

Henri Matisse

Tutoring at Saredon Studios allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace. Alexandra provides visual Arts knowledge tailored to what you want to learn, giving you the skills and confidence to create and progress.

What is tutoring?


Tutoring isn’t about presenting you with the ‘right’ answers or handing you a copy & paste  set of instructions. Here at Saredon Studios we hold space for you to learn and develop your creative side. Alexandra will listen and work with you to create and develop goals based on your thoughts, current knowledge and skills. Inserting her perspective and expertise where relevant, supporting you into action to progress on your creative journey.

We have 4 core beliefs which shape the way we tutor at Saredon Studios:

  1. There is no right and wrong in the Arts, it really isn’t that black and white - Instead we have a million shades of grey, where sometimes a ‘mistake’ can be better than the planned outcome.

  2. Everyone can be creative - Every individual has the potential to be creative. If being creative is difficult for you it may mean you haven’t gained the confidence needed to play and experiment.

  3. Messy, uncomfortable action is both essential and the best way to learn - If you never start, you never learn how to progress. Frida Kahlo didn’t just wake up one day able to paint! She started somewhere, learnt from her action and progressed over time.

  4. You need a foundation to build upon to succeed - We give you the foundation of skills and knowledge in visual Arts to build upon and achieve.

Whilst there is no perfect step plan to achieve your creative aims we do believe: 

Clarity on what you want to learn and why + 

 A strategy of how you are going to get there 

= Positive action

Art tuition

We are for you if…

  • You want to be more creative but don’t know where to start.

  • You would like to pursue creative activities for health and mindfulness.

  • You lack the confidence to achieve your creative aims.

  • You lack the knowledge and skills needed to pursue your creative outlets.

  • You’re looking to improve your current skillset and knowledge.

  • You’re passionate about building a career or aiming for a qualification in the visual Arts.

  • You have creative ideas and thoughts but struggle to turn it into a plan and take action.

"Friendly, patient, supportive and very welcoming. Nice homely feel to the studio for nurturing Art & creativity."

No tutor is for everyone and ensuring Alexandra is the right fit for you (and vice versa) is important to us. If you are unsure get in touch to book an enquiry call and after getting a better idea of where you’re at Alexandra will give you her honest thoughts on how she can, or can’t support you.


As your tutor Alexandra will commit to…

  • Understanding your definition of success and support you in your creative practice, achieving your aims.

  • Celebrate your wins as if they’re our own!

  • Work flexibly to your pace, timelines and any unexpected life events.

  • Keep things fun, who said creating had to be boring!

What can we cover?


We provide specialist support, guidance and feedback in visual Arts & Crafts. Here’s some examples of areas we could work on together:

Media examples

Watercolour painting

Acrylic painting

Oil Painting



Mixed media




Artist Workshop

subject examples

Natural forms






Urban Sketching


If you don’t see the media or subject you were looking for, get in touch and we can see if we can accommodate your creative outlet and learning.

How we can work together

Whether we connect online or in person it starts with an introduction…


We’ll start with a 1 hour session to dive in on a specific element of your creative practice. We will look at your prior knowledge, aims and goals. After your session you will receive a comprehensive copy of your tuition session notes, this includes topics discussed and individual feedback.







next steps


Continue to work together achieving your goals at your pace. Together we will take action learning the knowledge and skills to gain confidence in your abilities. When you’re ready we will reevaluate your aims and goals in line with your progress. After each session you will continue to receive a comprehensive copy of your tuition session notes, this includes topics discussed and individual feedback. We will arrange the date/time of your next session so we can continue taking action and progressing.


Art tutoring



Just like our one off sessions we will continue to work together achieving your goals at your pace. Take action learning the knowledge and skills to gain confidence in your abilities. Reevaluate your aims and goals in line with your progress. You will continue to receive a comprehensive copy of your tuition session notes. However this time we will arrange the date & time of your 6 sessions in advance. When doing this you will:


  • Receive a discount on the overall price.

  • Make sure you don’t miss out on your preferred time/dates.

  • Ensure you continue on your journey making regular, steady progress to your goals.


Art tutoring

What Next?

Firstly we are so excited you’re interested in tutoring with us and we can’t wait to get to know more about you and your creative side! To start the conversation fill in the contact form below. We’ll arrange a chat so we can get to know you better, answer any questions you may have and ultimately see how we can support you. It’s important that both of us feel like it’s a good fit so there’s never any pressure from us.

"Very informative and varying techniques discussed and explained. Very friendly and adaptive approach to different levels"

are you ready to start your creative journey with us?

We can't wait to hear from you, just fill in this form...

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Your tutor

Hi, I’m Alexandra co-director of Saredon Studios!

My specialist expertise is visual arts with a focus on mindfulness and wellbeing. As an experienced, qualified teacher of Art I enjoy developing and leading our studio’s creative learning and wellbeing programmes. I have gained vast experience as an artist and educator over the past 11+ years. I’ve worked with Macmillan Cancer Support, Wild in Art, and numerous schools across the midlands.

Art tutor

"Alexandra is a great tutor. Patient and explained everything. I have learnt a lot."

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