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Art studio cannock staffordshire


"Art is not what you see but what you make others see"

Edgar Degas

Hello have we met?

Saredon Studios is an independent Art studio in Cannock, specialising in Art classes, Art projects (digital and kits) and artist services. Alexandra is our co-founder and manages all of the studio's learning programmes and activities. Chris the other co-founder, handles the practical side of the studio. We also have our furry friend Ralph who is director of wellbeing, and organises all the breaks!





Online create it projects are available to download from anywhere in the world! If you would prefer we can put together the create it projects in a kit and post these out to anyone residing in the UK.

In-person workshops are based at our studio in Cannock town centre:

Saredon Studios, Newhall Arcade, 81 High Green, Cannock WS11 1 BN.

We also work in and around the Staffordshire. So if you have a project you would like to get involved with outside of Cannock please get in touch.

Our core values


Striving to be the best Visual Art studio we can be, whether that's within 1:1, group workshops, freelance projects or artist commissions. We commit to keeping our expertise up to date and relevant. Asking for feedback from students and clients, and actioning changes when needed.


Keeping the element play at the heart of all our creative activities and programmes. Playfulness encourages and releases the creative side. It enables us to test and break boundaries and step into the unknown. We commit to giving you those opportunities to play and grow as a creative.


Keen to make Art more accessible, you will always meet a friendly face at our studio. We commit to showing kindness and empathy to our customers and clients. Creating a safe space for all to create and express themselves without boundaries.

Alexandra's story

After receiving a cancer diagnosis at just 29 years old I found my life completely turned upside down. Living with a cancer diagnosis and enduring cancer treatment is mentally and physically exhausting. Arts & Crafts helped my mental and physical health during this time. Being able to immerse myself in creating provided an escape, a moment of calm.

As part of my cancer journey, I wanted to 'give back' and started to volunteer with Macmillan Cancer Support. Leading their Walsall Arts & Crafts group, for those affected by cancer. Due to my own lived experience I was already invested in the positive affect creating has on mental health. What I hadn't anticipated is realising just how much I would enjoy enabling others to have that moment of calm, and how it would positively impact on my life.

After realising there was little to no provision like this locally to where I live, I was incredibly keen to provide more accessibility. Saredon Studios was born! Saredon Studios was founded by myself and my supportive partner Chris. We have co-founded a studio that provides Visual Arts expertise and services, with a focus on mindfulness and wellbeing . We want to help you enjoy that moment of creative calm!

Artist wolverhampton west midlands

Have a question?

Just send over an email to and we will see what we can do!

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