The Story of


After being diagnosed with cervical cancer at 29 years old I found my life completely turned upside down. As you would expect living with a cancer diagnosis and enduring cancer treatment is mentally and physically exhausting. Arts & Crafts helped my mental and physical health during this time, being able to immerse myself in creating provided an escape.

My name is Alexandra and after gaining my First Class BA Hons degree in Fine Arts I have enjoyed teaching Art in public education for over a decade. As part of my cancer journey, I wanted to 'give back' and started to volunteer with Macmillan cancer support's local Arts & Crafts group. Knowing how beneficial Arts & Crafts had been to me during my cancer journey, I was already invested in the positive affect creating has on mental health. What I hadn't anticipated is realising just how much I would enjoy helping others in this setting, and how it would positively impact on my life.

After realising there was no provision like this locally to where I live, and having struggled to find support during my cancer experience I was incredibly keen to create this provision. Saredon Studios was born.


Saredon Studios was founded by myself and my supportive partner Chris. I use my expertise as a national and international artist, with my lengthy experience as a teacher of Arts & Crafts in multiple disciplines to support the studio. While Chris, uses his knowledge and skills as an experienced manager within regional and national charities, along with his background in sales and communications. An Arts & Crafts shop providing creative workshops and community groups seemed like a no brainer!


Saredon Studios was created as a hub for a creative community in Staffordshire and online, allowing individuals to express themselves fully without boundaries. Our studio's goals are:

  • To run a fun loving independent studio shop selling homeware, gifts and stationery.

  • Promote social, mental and physical wellbeing by enriching lives through Arts & Crafts workshops.

  • To provide a safe space for the community to meet and engage with each other through Arts & Crafts.

  • Provide opportunities for the community to connect and create from home.

Alexandra and her favourite creation 'Hettie'
Chris in his creative haven his workshop
Ralph the studio director of wellbeing & happiness
Alexandra & Chris