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5 reasons why you should learn to draw and paint

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

‘I would love to be able to draw and paint’ is a sentence I have heard so many times as an artist and tutor. My response of ‘Everybody can learn to draw and paint’, is usually met with a joke about barely being able to draw stick people. ‘I loved Art at school’ is another phrase I have heard countless times. Usually life got in the way, the person’s career, or family responsibilities. I’m here to say it’s never too late. You can learn to draw and paint, and you can love Art again! If you’re not convinced here are 5 reasons why you should starting creating now.

Why you should learn to draw and paint. Mindful Art

1) It’s good for your health

Most people wouldn’t expect me to lead with that but it’s true! Creativity is a mindful activity and its benefits are often compared to those of meditation. Creating Art requires you to be present and to focus the mind. Creativity has been shown to improve your mental health, reducing anxiety, depression and stress.

Being completely absorbed in something, so absorbed we lose the sense of time that’s called flow. Repetitive creative motions such as drawing or painting help to activate that flow state and boost your mood. When you complete the creative activity the result (no matter how ‘good’ it is) will bring you a hit of dopamine and motivate you to continue!

2) It keeps our brains healthy

Lifelong learning and stepping out of our comfort zone helps to use our brains to their maximum potential. The more you keep your mind engaged the healthier you are for it. Re-igniting what motivates you as an individual will make your life more fulfilling. Giving your personal interests and goals that recognition they deserve will make life a lot more interesting. Improving your creative knowledge and skills will improve your self-confidence. Who isn’t proud when they learn something new?

3) You become more observant

A lot of my students notice quite quickly how regularly drawing and painting has helped them become more observant of the world around them. Concentrating on the fine details while drawing or painting helps improve your observational skills. Over time you begin to look at the world with a fresh perspective. Noticing things that are often overlooked by others and ‘seeing’ works of Art in everyday life. This brings a new curiosity to the world around you which is refreshing.

4) You can express yourself

Express your inner thoughts, feelings and ideas through Art and creativity. There is no ‘right way’ to create. Of course there are methods and techniques you can learn to achieve a particular look. However Art is not black and white, it’s all the shades of grey in-between. You can do things your way, put your own spin on it, use that artistic licence, create your own style.

5) It’s fun

Creating is fun, playing with new ideas, materials and techniques helps us to grow. Playfulness is something we tend to forget about as an adult. It enables us to test and break boundaries, to step into the unknown. Now is a good time to remember Art and creativity is not about the end product, it’s all about the process. Having fun on the journey you took to get to your finished piece is the greatest part.

I hope those 5 reasons have given you the motivation you needed to find a space in your life for creativity. If you are now convinced drawing and painting are a hobbies you want to pursue then make sure you read our next blog post ‘The essentials for beginner artists’. This will cover the essential materials and equipment needed to start your journey. So you don’t miss out on our blog updates subscribe to our mailing list. Also don’t forget to check out our ‘Create it’ projects for creative ideas and help starting your creative journey now.


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